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Guide To HR

Helping start-ups, small-size, & non-profit businesses with People & Culture


Guide to HR is a Full Service People & Culture Consulting Firm

We provide transformative and innovative People (Human Resources) solutions to your start-up, small-sized, or non-profit business.


We understand how complicated the People function can be for any growing business. As well as how easy it can be to become bogged down in a variety of HR issues (legal, compliance, staffing, training, benefits, compensation, systems, diversity, safety, etc.) all while struggling to achieve the desired level of profitability and performance. Let us take the HR weight off your shoulders. Here are some reasons our customers work with us:

We Grow With You

As your company grows, we will grow with you. Whether your state makes changes, your company’s growth triggers new law requirements, or your company is going through changes, we will be there to help you navigate and adjust your policies, culture, and practices to stay current and relevant.

We Are Innovative

From new technology to how we interact with our employees, HR is constantly changing and improving. That is why we make it a top priority to stay on top of new methods, technology, and ideas so that we can deliver our clients the most innovative tools to fit their company.

We Are Devoted

In everything that we do, our focus and top priority is in the success of your business and your people. We strive to provide the right guidance and recommendations that are appropriate for your company. There is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” in HR.


Don’t just take our word. Read what others have to say about us.

I was impressed by Gwenevere's ability to meet or exceed deadlines. She is project focused and puts the hours in required to deliver a flawless product. Gwenevere is innovative, resourceful, and a valuable asset to any organization!
“I've worked with Gwenevere at a prior employer, then retained her to help improve the HR department at another company. Gwenevere is a highly experienced HR professional and is great to work with. We were all very happy with the work and professionalism she brought to the table. I highly recommend Gwenevere.”
“Gwenevere is just a great person professionally and personally! She was always willing to (patiently) help members of the team with business questions and needs. I cannot think of a harder working, dedicated, and trustworthy person. She is a master at her craft and great leader. I’m personally a better person for knowing her, and happy that our friendship remains intact.”
Edwige Ligonde
Executive Vice President at Nielsen Benefits Group

How We Do What We Do

Our Approach

As your Guide to HR, we will partner with you while satisfying your People and HR void. This allows you to focus on the key drivers to continue to grow your business.

How We Can Service You

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