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Hi, I’m Gwenevere, Founder and CEO of Guide to HR. In today’s world, HR is constantly changing and evolving at an unprecedented pace. As such, it’s hard to stay on top of everything HR.


Being an HR professional who eats, sleeps, and breaths HR, I wanted to provide companies with support in this ever-changing landscape.

Fun Facts

I was previously an HR executive working as the SVP, Global HR for a B2B2C SaaS company. I became a full-time HR consultant in 2021. When I’m not spending time helping my clients, I love traveling with my wonderful husband, especially to Lake Tahoe and Disneyland. I’m a diehard New England Patriots and Nebraska Huskers football fan (along with my husband). And I will never turn down an opportunity to tuck myself into a cozy corner with a good book and great music.