Job Board Sites That Support Diverse Candidates

Diverse Candidates

We have been discussing diversity, equity, and inclusion for the past few weeks. We discussed DEI history and ways employers can implement diversity in the workplace. This week, we want to share some diversity resources for employers who are serious about implementing diversity in the workplace. If that is you, you will need to hang out in spaces where you will find diverse candidates. Here are some popular job board sites that support diverse candidates where you can share your open positions.

Note: Descriptions are captured from the company’s website.

Diverse Job Boards

Diverse Candidates is a 100% African American family-owned small business headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. They strive to provide a means for diverse employers to find the best candidates for any job position, with a particular focus on attracting talent in the science, technology, education, and medical fields. has been a leader in the diversity jobs market since 2000. Because diversity recruiting is such a niche market, they offer closer proximity to qualified candidates, unlike “big pond” sites.

Since 1997, the HLPA has provided America’s Best companies & organizations with diversity-based recruiting resources and job and career information for individuals and job seekers. The HLPA continually publishes and updates career information and opportunities from quality, socially conscious organizations that support the Hispanic / Latino Community.


Each year, to highlight and identify organizations actively supporting the Hispanic / Latino Community, the HLPA publishes lists of America’s Best Places For Latinos To Work. These lists include companies, government agencies, hospitals, schools, associations, and other organizations. The lists are organized by Location, Name, & Industry and serve to educate and inform the Hispanic / Latino Community.

Founded in 1999 as a readily available resource for diverse talent, is the central job search Web site for corporate recruiters who want to reach experienced diverse talent.

Since 2003, Professional Diversity Network’s objective has always been about diversity and inclusion within the workforce. They assist employers with the implementation of their D&I initiatives by matching them with job seekers that range from People Of Color, LGBTQA+, Veterans, People with Disabilities, and many more who are looking for a workplace that caters to their diverse and inclusive needs through their job boards.

DiversityJobs offers industry-leading SaaS-based talent acquisition and diversity recruiting solutions. Their proven turnkey diversity product delivers fast results for demonstrated efficacy and automation to help you build diverse teams that transform your workplace. Since the mid-1990s, they’ve been the leader in connecting diverse talent with the companies that value them.

Power to Fly connects talent to companies committed to creating inclusive environments where diverse professionals can thrive. Their platform is tech-enabled, but its purpose is to help people—especially those underrepresented in high-impact roles—succeed in their careers.

Thanks to advances in medical technology and quality-of-life options, people are living longer, fuller lives than ever before! Many people enter retirement in excellent health and with a lot of energy still waiting to be expended. Because of this, many members of the baby boomer generation look for jobs after retirement to help stay social and active and, of course, to help supplement retirement income. Retired Brains believes in providing advice on pursuing jobs after retirement.

Career Contessa is a trusted career resource that helps working women be more fulfilled, healthy, and successful at work.

More Job Boards

Resources to Find Talented African American Candidates

Black Jobs

Black Career Network


Resources to Find Talented Asian Candidates

Asian Career Network


Resources to Find Talented Hispanic Candidates



Resources to Find Talented Women Candidates


Female Executive Search

Women’s Career Channel


Resources to Find Talented LGBTQ Candidates

Out and Equal

LGBT Job Board

LGBT Connect


Resources to Find Talented Veterans Candidates

Military to Career


Resources to Find Talented Senior Candidates



Resources to Find Talented Candidates with Disabilities

Recruit Disability

More Help

Finding talent can be challenging sometimes. If you need help on your search, feel free to reach out. As always, we are here for you.

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Diverse Candidates

Diverse Candidates

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