Resources for Social Connection

Resources for Social Connection

Last week, we discussed ways employers can address loneliness and isolation in the workplace. As you all may know, the United States Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy released a new Surgeon General Advisory titled “Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation.” In this report, Dr. Vivek Murthy details the impact loneliness and isolation have on U.S. citizens and that it is a public crisis that needs our attention. With the continued rise of social media, you would think many of us are more connected now than ever, but it is actually the complete opposite. Loneliness and isolation continue to plague our country, and the cure to combating this is social connection. Socially connecting with people can deter us from premature death. It can also decrease the risks of heart disease and stroke. There are many other benefits of social connection, and we thought it would be a great idea to share resources and ideas to help you connect with others. Check out our list of tips and resources for social connection below.

Opportunities to Form Friendships

Resources for Social Connection

As mentioned before, the epidemic of loneliness and isolation is a severe public crisis, and the workplace can be a great place to fight against it. Many of us spend more time with our co-workers than with family and friends. Some people may have even moved away from their homes to take a job in a different state. As you can imagine, that would be a hard adjustment. Creating a fun and healthy environment where employees can engage with their co-workers can create an opportunity for friendships to form. This can lead to friendships outside work.


You can also consider planning fun events around holidays some people struggle with, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day. Another great idea is to have a small celebration for birthdays.

Bulletin Board

Does your employee break room have a bulletin board? This is a great place to post about local clubs such as book clubs, gaming clubs, etc. You can also share nearby classes. There may be a sewing, cooking, or baking class nearby. These are great ways for employees to connect socially with people outside work. Here are a few online platforms you can utilize to find clubs, classes, live events, and more near you:


Note: Descriptions are captured from the company’s website.

Eventbrite is a global self-service ticketing platform for live experiences. It allows anyone to create, share, find, and attend events that fuel their passions and enrich their lives. From music festivals, marathons, conferences, community rallies, and fundraisers to gaming competitions and air guitar contests. Their mission is to bring the world together through live experiences.

Meetup creates possibilities to find and build local communities. People use Meetup to meet new people, learn new things, find support, get out of their comfort zones, and pursue their passions together.

Organizations use OpenSports to run daily pickup events and leagues with thousands of players and manage memberships all through one platform that takes care of the invites, payments, waitlists, and player updates.

Citysocializer is a virtual events platform, social network, and community to have fun, stay fit and learn new things.


Another way to help combat loneliness and isolation is to volunteer. If your company has a cause it supports, your employees can sign up to volunteer at events. You can also use websites such as VolunteerMatch to find local places to volunteer.

Virtual Hangout Spots

Want to find ways to hang out and engage with people virtually? Check out our list below.

Clubhouse is where you can virtually hang out with friends, meet new ones, and talk about anything. When you’re on Clubhouse, it’s not about posting content but joining a community of friends-of-friends who come together to meet, chat, and share ideas. Clubhouse is built for people who value rich friendships and conversation and care about experiences, memories, and being in the moment.

Kosmi is a virtual entertainment hub for you and your friends or co-workers. It is your entertainment universe, bringing together your favorite TV, movies, games, music, and other apps all in one place. Hang out in virtual rooms, invite your friends, and see who shows up.

Elevent is a curated marketplace connecting experience providers and companies to deliver unique, memorable virtual and in-person experiences that build trust and connections.

Let’s Roam gives you the tools to interpret your surroundings and build lasting relationships. All scavenger hunt adventures are app-led so that you can wander at your own pace.

Let’s Roam is the perfect any-day activity for team builders, custom events, fundraisers, or groups of any size. With over 350 locations worldwide, their tour guide-free scavenger hunts are the best way to have fun and explore any city. No reservations are required!

More Resources

More Help

Loneliness and isolation are detrimental, but we can fight back with social connections and other tools and resources. Please join us as we continue to keep you posted with more tips and information. Subscribe below!

Resources for Social Connection

Resources for Social Connection

Resources for Social Connection

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