Summer Job Tips

Summer job

Summer is around the corner, and while many of you are ready for fun and vacation time, we know that some of you are looking for a summer job to occupy some of your time. Summer jobs are seasonal jobs that are typically short-term or temporary, but they can become long-term opportunities. Seasonal jobs are generally year-round. You can find some around the holiday or Christmas season, spring, and fall. High school and college students are known to acquire seasonal jobs during summer or winter break. Teachers may also look for extra income while they are on vacation too. Some common summer jobs include lifeguard, retail, camp counselor, amusement parks, and more. If you are looking for a job this coming season, check out our summer job tips below.

Think Long Term

If you are a high school or college student with an idea of what field you would like to work in upon starting your career, planning ahead is a great idea. For example, if you want to work with kids or become a counselor, consider applying to daycares, summer camps for kids, summer tutoring, or babysitting jobs. This will help you build experience and add to your skill set. This will also allow you to see if the job or career choice fits your personality. 


Another reason why it is great to think long-term is because, as mentioned, some seasonal jobs can become a long-term commitment. For example, suppose you love retail fashion and want to start your career in the retail industry. In that case, you can apply to a clothing store. Upon receiving a job and deciding this is something you would like to do long-term, you can: 


  1. Express your interest to your manager. 
  2. Share how much you enjoy working with them
  3. Tell them that you can see yourself pursuing a career in retail in the future
  4. Express how much you would like to gain more experience under their leadership and why
  5. Let them know that should a more permanent position become available, you would love to be considered

Broaden Your Scope

The world is huge, and there is so much to see. Do not limit yourself to summer jobs in your area. If you can travel, consider jobs across the country, in a different city, or better yet, across the globe. 


Many companies are looking for talent and would love to have you. If you want to gain experience in a different environment, share among your connections (family, friends, teachers, counselors, social media contacts, etc.). You never know who among your relationships can connect you with someone with an amazing opportunity with your name on it. You can also consider websites such as Cool Works that offer jobs with housing.

Summer job

Start Your Job Search Early

As they always say, the early bird catches the worm. Starting your job hunt early does not hurt, and now would be a great time to get started. If you plan to travel for work, this will give you plenty of time to make any necessary arrangements before your trip. 

Just Looking for a Job?

While many of you are looking for opportunities to amplify your career long-term, some may be looking to fill in time. You may just want something fun to do while earning an extra income. If that’s the case, according to Indeed, the top five summer jobs that anyone can apply to are:


  1. Lifeguard: National average salary: $11.76 per hour
  1. Camp Counselor: National average salary: $12.62 per hour
  1. Pet walker/sitter: National average salary: $15.19 per hour
  1. Driver: National average salary: $20.84 per hour
  1. Tutor: National average salary: $21.41 per hour

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Summer job

Summer job

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