50 Company Growth Reflection Questions

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As many of us enjoy our family and friends while getting ready to enter into a new year, let us all take a moment to recognize that this is a great time to reflect. Reflection is a great tool to use when planning for your company’s future. It is essential to look back at moments that aided the success of your business while also remembering moments of failure. Those are the times that shape your company and who you are as a business owner. While reflection is essential, sometimes we are unsure what to ask ourselves while in the process. If that is the case for you, here are 50 company growth reflection questions to ask at the end of the year.

50 Company Growth Reflection Questions

Employer Reflection

  1. As an employer, you set and continue to set your company’s tone. It is critical to continue developing personally and professionally. After all, your company is a reflection of you. Here are some key questions to consider asking yourself.
  2. What did you learn about yourself as an employer this year?
  3. What are your current personal values and beliefs?
  4. What are your current personal values and beliefs surrounding people, culture, traditions, diversity, equity, and inclusion? 
  5. Are your values and beliefs reflected in your leadership and who you are as an employer/person?
  6. If not, how can you implement your values and beliefs?
  7. Has there ever been a time this year when you misrepresented yourself?
  8. Was the situation rectified?
  9. If so, what was the outcome? 
  10. If not, how can you rectify the situation moving forward? 
  11. What were your most significant achievements as an employer this year?
  12. What were your most significant failures as an employer this year?
  13. What have you learned from your achievements and failures?

50 Company Growth Reflection Questions

Company Reflection

  1. Did your company successfully reflect your personal values and beliefs this year?
  2. What was the greatest moment or accomplishment of your company this year?
  3. What did you learn at that moment?
  4. Who did your company’s greatest moment impact the most?
  5. What was the greatest failure or setback your company experienced this year?
  6. What did you learn?
  7. Who did it affect the most? 
  8. Is there anything you will do differently moving forward?
  9. Did you reach your company goals this year?
  10. If yes, what goals did you achieve, and what process got you there?
  11. If not, what hindered you from reaching your goals?
  12. Are there any company processes or policies that need tweaking?

Employee Reflection

  1. What did you learn from your employees this year?
  2. What stuck out the most?
  3. Did you learn anything you have adapted or implemented in your personal and professional life?
  4. Who are your top three to five employees?
  5. What makes them the top three to five?
  6. What are their most remarkable qualities and skills?

7. What are their weakest qualities or skills?

8. Is there an opportunity for them to grow in the company?

9. Which employees have the lowest performance rate?

10. Were there actions or steps, such as training to help them perform better?

11. What are these employees’ most significant assets or skills?

12. Is there a place in your company that will allow them to thrive using their best skills while developing the skills they struggle with?

13. What were the overall results of your employee evaluations?

14. Are they pleased with their roles or positions in the company?

15. If you are unaware, what steps or tools can you use to discover?

16. Are you aware if your employees are satisfied with their pay, bonuses, or company benefits?

17. If not, what steps can you take to investigate? 

18.  Are there any new benefits you would like to introduce?


50 Company Growth Reflection Questions

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

  1. What are your views on diversity, equity, and inclusion? Do you believe it is crucial to hire a group of diverse individuals?
  2. Do your company’s employees, culture, policies, etc., reflect your diversity, equity, and inclusion beliefs?
  3. Are there areas where you can become more diverse and inclusive?
  4. Were there any employee complaints regarding DEI?
  5. If so, were there any future steps and preventable measures put in place?
  6. If not, what steps and preventable measures can you take to deter DEI complaints? Note: If you do not have an answer, do not worry. A step you can take is hiring a professional to help you implement preventable measures.
  7. Is there enough diversity in higher management roles?

Running a company is hard, but it can be easier with the right tools and support. If you struggled to answer any of these questions or need help implementing steps you can take to correct any mishaps from this year, connect with us! Remember, we are here for you. See you next year.

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