Ten Inexpensive Ways Employers Can Engage Their Employees This Christmas Season

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Happy Friday! Can you believe December is already here? Here at Guide to HR, we are in the holiday spirit, and we are excited because it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! To kick off this month and end the year, we thought it would be fun to incorporate some holiday cheer into our regular HR topics. This week, we are starting off with ten inexpensive ways employers can engage their employees this Christmas season.

1. Christmas Decorating

Start this Christmas season by setting the atmosphere of your workspace and getting your employees in the Christmas spirit. A great way to engage your employees is by encouraging everyone to bring in a little home to work. Employees can bring some of their favorite Christmas home decorations to work. 


For example, you can buy a tree and have employees bring their favorite ornaments. This is a great way to engage employees and save money, time, and storage space. In the end, everyone can take their decorations back home.

2. Decoration Competition

Another great way to engage your employees is to split them into teams and have a decoration contest. Again, employees can bring their favorite home decorations to accompany whatever decorations you provide.

3. End of the Year Ceremony

Now is a great time to recognize all employees for the incredible work they have completed throughout the year by hosting an end-of-the-year ceremony. You can use drop-and-drag graphic design platforms such as Canva to create and print pre-made certificates. Consider individualizing certificates by listing your employees’ strengths. Some strengths can include being the most organized, strategic, creative, etc. You can also reward employees with inexpensive gifts such as gift cards, candle sets, streaming service subscriptions, coffee mugs, cups, and more.

4. Secret Santa

Secret Santa is an all-time classic and fun Christmas event. One of the best ways to help employees choose what to buy their coworkers is to create a worksheet for your employees to fill out. The worksheet can include what their hobbies are, favorite stores, etc. This will give employees an idea of what they can buy. Also, to make things fair, consider listing a gift amount. For example, every employee that enters can commit to spending a minimum of $15 on a gift.

5. Cookie Decorations

It is time to get creative! A fun activity your employees can do during break is decorate Christmas cookies. You can also consider buying a gingerbread house and allowing employees to build it throughout the day.

6. Ornament Decoration Party

Grab your glue and glitter. Here’s another fun creative activity employees can do while on break.

7. Christmas Movies and Music!

What’s Christmas without Christmas movies and music? Get to know your employees by creating a music playlist and playing holiday movies in the breakroom.

8. Christmas Potluck

Potlucks are always a fun way to engage employees and see what fun dishes they can create to share.

9. Christmas Party

While Christmas potlucks are fun and a great way to engage employees on lunch breaks, an after-work Christmas party can also be fun. Consider setting aside time for employees to engage and have fun with one another. You can close an hour early or set time aside during working hours to allow all employees the time and space to enjoy each other.

10. Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition

An ugly Christmas sweater competition can be fun whether employees enter individually or are split into teams. 

So there you have it. Ten inexpensive ways to engage your employees this Christmas season! It is always fun to create memories that will last forever, and as always, we are here for you!

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