The Great Resignation…
or maybe it really should be called the Great RESHUFFLE

People are still quitting in droves. The number of Americans quitting their jobs hit an all-time high of 4.5m in November 2021 with over 10.6 million vacancies available (down from 11.1 million in Oct). This high number can be viewed as a sign of confidence and more evidence that the U.S. job market is bouncing back strongly from last year’s coronavirus recession.

Still, the Labor Department collected the numbers BEFORE COVID-19′s omicron variant had spread widely in the United States. “While each successive wave of the pandemic caused less economic damage, there is still a risk to the labor market from the current surge of cases,″ Bunker said.

Holding on for dear talent.

What is your organization doing to preempt high turnover as well as prepare for it? How are you validating your organization is offering better working conditions, reducing burnout, and providing the best salary you can?

  • Better Working Conditions: When was the last time you heard from and LISTEN to your employees? Is it time to do an employee survey or focus group? How about stay interviews? Do you have a way for your employees to have a voice, feel heard, and leadership actually takes actions on the feedback? How can you create the best working conditions if you don’t know what your employees actually want?
  • Reduce Burnout: What benefits and programs are you offering your employees to support them? Have you thought about a widespride day off? Are you training your managers to connect more with their direct reports, not only on business actions but as a human being?
  • Best Salary Options: When was the last time you did a market survey to see where you pay compared to the market? Refering to salary surveys and determine the cost of replacing full-time employees in industries similar to your own can help you understand if you are paying a fiar wage (or lower). Just be aware that the salary survey data lags behind (it is not to-date, live data). Another source of data companies are looking to, is from their recruiting team. Talent Acquisition teams are your front-line workers interacting with candidates and hearing in real-time what they are demanding. Use both data sets to implement innovative ways to offer long-term incentives as a deterrence for employees to think twice about leaving for another opportunity.

Though some employees may leave their roles no matter what, your organization can implement policies and benefits to persuade on-the-fence employees to stay.